My #Hugot From Searching The “Right One”

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It has been five months since I left my job from a private company. Five months that I’m spending a lot of ink and papers for printing my resume,searching the web for job opportunities, going to interviews, and the worst part is five months without a salary… and this seriously freaking me out.


This is the longest time that I became jobless and the most number of interviews that I’ve been. I am not used to getting into many interviews because I usually land on a job by recommendation. Nasanay ako na ako ang nilalapitan, hindi ako ang lumalapit (char!). So the quest feels like I’m a man wooing for a woman, that I should give the best shot to win a yes. Quite hard. And harder when impatience and frustration start to kick in. #TheStruggleIsReal

My search for the “right one” exposed me to different potential employers specifically on how they will conduct the interviews, the process of hiring and how they will respond to your application.:

First impression stage (Online vs. Eye-ball). Interview via Skype is the kind of which you can meet the interviewer without taking a bath. Haha. Just make sure that you wear something that will still look professional even if you are still in your pajamas (take it from me *wink*). Of course, it’s best to meet your potential employer by face even if you’ll get butterflies in your stomach. Just like meeting the one you like, you have to make the first impression last. Kailangan magpapogi. Some questions during the interview will be like, “Why should we not hire you?”, “Why did you left your previous job?”, or “How much is your expected salary?”. Be yourself and answer the questions with honesty.

Getting-know-each-other stage. If a woman wants to know if a man is serious about winning her heart, she will test this man. Just like the hiring process for most companies. They give series of examination to the candidates which can be a plus-points if you get a high score. It is usually a time pressured type of exam, so you got to answer as fast as you can. To focus is the key. Successful candidates in this stage would sometimes go into another interview.

The “Yes” or “No” stage. How sweet is it to get a “yes” from the woman you love? This is the same moment that job hunters like me wait for. But some employers would leave you hanging, would not call or send an e-mail if you are hired or not. Mga nang-iiwan, nakahanap na pala ng iba. Others would tell you to wait within a span of time like in one or two weeks, and in my case, my application in a government agency would take 2-3 months! Antagal mga bes. Parang paasa lang huhu. I prefer to appreciate companies that go straight to the point like PNB, they sent me an e-mail after they received my application, telling me that I’m not qualified and even suggested some procedures for me to get qualified. Kaya kang sagutin agad kung gusto ka ba o hindi, kaso hindi lahat ay ganun. Kailangan mong maghintay. Kailangan kong maghintay.



I also tried my luck (for the first time) in some BPO’s and so far, they have the fastest hiring process. Basically, if you pass the initial step, you will proceed to the next until you get the job offer. You will know your exam results and they can hire you at the end of the day or reject you immediately. So you will get closure and move on to your next plan. Much better, right? Hindi ka na paaasahin pa. Oo o Hindi lang, tapos na. Pero puede kang bumalik kapag ready ka na. 


Pero masakit pala mabasted… ng employer. Lalo na if not just once, not twice, but paulit-ulit.

As of this writing, I’m still in search and waiting for the “right one” to come. And just like a man who do his best efforts to win a woman, I’m sure I would get that precious “yes” on the right time. I’m sure it would be worth the wait. At handa akong ibigay ang lahat para sa kanya. 🙂


Crashed Thoughts & Memories of a Samsung Phone

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Whew! I’m back! I haven’t updated this blog for months now because of an overused reason — busy. Hehe 🙂

Actually, the primary reason (I don’t know if this is reasonable) is that my five-year-old Samsung Galaxy Y crashed its memory so I lost track of ALL the blog drafts that I typed. My phone is the keeper of my thoughts, my passwords, my contacts, and everything that I need to remember. It is more handy for me than a notebook. But in one unexpected day, all were gone… Kaasar talaga!


I know there is one draft about the song “Hello” by Adele which I wrote during my one-hour commute to office. Its lengthy at andun ang puso ko. Usapang pag-ibig yun eh! Kaya ako naasar kasi even if I recollect it, I will never write it with the same feelings as that day. I am not an expert writer you know, and once I get that “inspiration”, I just get my phone and type what’s on my heart. So sayang.

Another one is my first out-of-country trip to Singapore and Malaysia last year. Fifteen days of possible blog posts were gone! Paano na? Good thing I already copied photos from my cousin. Puede na rin.

I cannot blame my poor phone because of its old age (parang tao lang). It is already outdated, nothing was replaced or repaired but its memory deteriorated. Yun nga, just like us. Even if we would not get sick, we will get to the point that we will age. At dadating din sa pagiging malilimutin. So the best way is to treasure every memorable moments that we have.

For now, I’m adjusting myself to be friends with a notebook. Buying a new phone is not much a priority (probably next year, hehe).


Journey to Chapter 31: The Gift of Being Single & The Perks of It

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After the #30Daysto30Years last year, I think it’s fun to begin another counting to another year – The Journey to Chapter 31. In this series of posts, let me share with you the 31 beautiful gifts that I received, and will receive on my 31st year – life lessons, inspirations, people and everything that came from above. | 18/31


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post are based on individual views, opinions and experiences. It may or may not agree on what the reader believes in, but what is important is that you accept the person that you are. 

I’m Single. So What?

That was my previous post and an explanation of my status. And just months ago, my sister-in-Christ Arlene posted on Facebook her own version of the perks of being single. And that ticked my mind. So…


Everyone, meet Sis. Arlene!

arlene padel

Aside from being a certified career woman (CPA & CIA) and traveler, she’s someone I knew who enjoys her status. I’ve known her since 2004 and my most memorable moment with her was when she was crying inside a car and saying that she was having seconds thoughts of getting married.  That was two weeks before her wedding! And there I was, beside her, like a younger sister I said, ” If you are having second thoughts, don’t go.” So you can now guess what happened next.

She’s been into other relationships after that, but I think God has different plans for her and He’s directing her to a path according to His will. She’s older than me (ooopppss…guess it!) and like me, she’s living a happy life even without a boyfriend or husband (I can see and feel it!).

SINGLE Defined

In the dictionary, Single is defined as existing alone or consisting of one entity or part or aspect or individual; unmarried or not in a married state.

The Perks of Being Single


1 Corinthians 7:32

An unmarried man is concerned about the things of the Lord, that is, about how he can please the Lord.

1 Thessalonians 4:11

Also, make it your goal to live quietly, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we instructed you,

Ecclesiastes 3:13

moreover, every person should eat, drink, and enjoy the benefits of everything that he undertakes, since it is a gift from God.

1 Peter 2:16

Live like free people, and do not use your freedom as an excuse for doing evil. Instead, be God’s servants.

Psalms 147:3

He heals the brokenhearted, binding up their injuries.

Matthew 6:25

“That’s why I’m telling you to stop worrying about your life—what you will eat or what you will drink—or about your body—what you will wear. Life is more than food, isn’t it, and the body more than clothing?

1 John 4:7

Dear friends, let us continually love one another, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born from God and knows God.

Nothing to Worry About

Re-posting a paragraph on my previous blog post,

” If you are single now, don’t fret. Remember, everything will be in God’s time. Who knows? You may have your other half soon. Just don’t get tired to wait. For now, enjoy yourself, enjoy life, go on, explore and learn new things. But if you are destined to be born and to die as single, hoorayy! accept it. I repeat, there is nothing wrong with that.”

Ecclesiastes 11:9

So enjoy yourself in your youth, young man, and be encouraged during your younger days. Live as you like, consistent with your world view, but keep in mind that God will bring you to account for everything.

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