My #Hugot From Searching The “Right One”

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It has been five months since I left my job from a private company. Five months that I’m spending a lot of ink and papers for printing my resume,searching the web for job opportunities, going to interviews, and the worst part is five months without a salary… and this seriously freaking me out.


This is the longest time that I became jobless and the most number of interviews that I’ve been. I am not used to getting into many interviews because I usually land on a job by recommendation. Nasanay ako na ako ang nilalapitan, hindi ako ang lumalapit (char!). So the quest feels like I’m a man wooing for a woman, that I should give the best shot to win a yes. Quite hard. And harder when impatience and frustration start to kick in. #TheStruggleIsReal

My search for the “right one” exposed me to different potential employers specifically on how they will conduct the interviews, the process of hiring and how they will respond to your application.:

First impression stage (Online vs. Eye-ball). Interview via Skype is the kind of which you can meet the interviewer without taking a bath. Haha. Just make sure that you wear something that will still look professional even if you are still in your pajamas (take it from me *wink*). Of course, it’s best to meet your potential employer by face even if you’ll get butterflies in your stomach. Just like meeting the one you like, you have to make the first impression last. Kailangan magpapogi. Some questions during the interview will be like, “Why should we not hire you?”, “Why did you left your previous job?”, or “How much is your expected salary?”. Be yourself and answer the questions with honesty.

Getting-know-each-other stage. If a woman wants to know if a man is serious about winning her heart, she will test this man. Just like the hiring process for most companies. They give series of examination to the candidates which can be a plus-points if you get a high score. It is usually a time pressured type of exam, so you got to answer as fast as you can. To focus is the key. Successful candidates in this stage would sometimes go into another interview.

The “Yes” or “No” stage. How sweet is it to get a “yes” from the woman you love? This is the same moment that job hunters like me wait for. But some employers would leave you hanging, would not call or send an e-mail if you are hired or not. Mga nang-iiwan, nakahanap na pala ng iba. Others would tell you to wait within a span of time like in one or two weeks, and in my case, my application in a government agency would take 2-3 months! Antagal mga bes. Parang paasa lang huhu. I prefer to appreciate companies that go straight to the point like PNB, they sent me an e-mail after they received my application, telling me that I’m not qualified and even suggested some procedures for me to get qualified. Kaya kang sagutin agad kung gusto ka ba o hindi, kaso hindi lahat ay ganun. Kailangan mong maghintay. Kailangan kong maghintay.



I also tried my luck (for the first time) in some BPO’s and so far, they have the fastest hiring process. Basically, if you pass the initial step, you will proceed to the next until you get the job offer. You will know your exam results and they can hire you at the end of the day or reject you immediately. So you will get closure and move on to your next plan. Much better, right? Hindi ka na paaasahin pa. Oo o Hindi lang, tapos na. Pero puede kang bumalik kapag ready ka na. 


Pero masakit pala mabasted… ng employer. Lalo na if not just once, not twice, but paulit-ulit.

As of this writing, I’m still in search and waiting for the “right one” to come. And just like a man who do his best efforts to win a woman, I’m sure I would get that precious “yes” on the right time. I’m sure it would be worth the wait. At handa akong ibigay ang lahat para sa kanya. 🙂


The Jersey Boys and A Fan Girl in Manila

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First of all, I have to give the credit to Ms. Glaiza Lee, my classmate in high school and now a writer, who made this memorable experience possible. Thank you very, very much! 🙂 🙂

She invited me to watch the musical play, Jersey Boys. Knowing that my crush, Christian Bautista is one of the characters, and after confirming that it is for free, I said YES! (capslock para intense!). Kinilig ako promise! I was a fan of him since Star in a Million days and this opportunity is a wish come true to see him live. Ang saya ko! #Fanmodeon.


Oh My!

September 24 came. I was supposed to meet Glaiza and to have dinner before the show at 6pm but due to heavy traffic from Laguna to Ortigas, I arrived past seven. My fault to watch the show while our stomach was grumbling. Sorry, teh.


To tell you honestly, I don’t really know who the Jersey Boys are, or what their story is about. I didn’t Google-d anything about them before the show so I will have the reason to be more excited. Pero ang habol ko lang talaga, si Christian! Hehehe.

Four Seasons and Four Voices

The cast is composed of Markki Stroem as Tommy deVito, Nino Alejandro as Nick Massi, Nyoy Volante as Frankie Valli and Christian Bautista as Bob Gaudio. They are collectively known as The Four Seasons –the 1960’s rock n’roll group who brought songs like “Sherry“, “My Eyes Adored You” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You“, among others.  All throughout the play, I was waiting for the name “Jersey Boys” to come out haha! ‘Yun ang title ng play, diba? ‘Yun pala, the four members came from New Jersey. So that makes sense.


Jersey Boys cast. Photo from @markkistroem Instagram

Oh wait… I won’t write here the synopsis, you can find it in Google anyway.

Each member has his own shining moment, taking turns to narrate the rise and fall of the band as the seasons change (winter, spring, summer, fall). At first, I was like, “Where is Christian? Ang tagal nya namang lumabas!”, but when he appeared whoa! I wanted to jump off my seat and hug him. Ayun na siya!!!

They all pronounced their lines clear and sang beautifully. But what amazed me was how their voices blended so perfectly. And Nyoy’s falsetto was really incredible! Nakakaloka lang!

Aside from showcasing their voices, the kind of music of the band requires the cast to have some dance moves. So Nyoy, Markki and Nino can dance but Christian however, still needs to improve in this art. (Sorry, baby! I still love you.)

The whole play was outstanding, the songs used were entertaining and the over-all experience was memorable. I even found myself searching You Tube for their songs! Their performance really deserved a standing ovation. Oh what a night!


Too bad though, as per theatre rules, taking photos during performance was prohibited. So wala kaming picture ni Christian 😦


Still Can’t Get Over…..

The consolation that I got from two of the boys is this: untitled


The song My Eyes Adored You is my personal favorite, listening to this now 🙂


My eyes adored you
Though I never laid a hand on you
My eyes adored you
Like a million miles away from me
You couldn’t see how I adored you
So close, so close and yet so far

Carried your books from school
Playin’ “make-believe you’re married to me”
You were fifth-grade, I was sixth
When we came to be
Walkin’ home every day over Barnegat Bridge and Bay
Till we grew into the me and you
Went our separate ways


Headed for city lights
Climbed the ladder up to fortune and fame
I worked my fingers to the bone
Made myself a name
Funny I seemed to find
That no matter how the years unwind
Still I reminisce ’bout the girl I miss
And the love I left behind


(My eyes adored you)
All my life I will remember
(Though I never laid a hand on you)
How warm and tender we were way back then, whoa, whoa, baby
(Like a million miles away from me
you couldn’t see how I adored you)
Oh, the feeling, sad regrets
(So close, so close and yet so far)
I know I won’t ever forget ya, my childhood friend

(My eyes adored you)
(Though I never laid a hand on you)
(My eyes adored you)
(Like a million miles away from me
you couldn’t see how I adored you)

So close, so close and yet so far


Discover friendship, love, stardom and the music of the “Jersey Boys” as they run until October 16 at Meralco Theater, Ortigas Ave. corner Meralco Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Check out for ticket prices and show schedules.

Midnight Thoughts

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I’ve been thinking and wondering
Of the things I’ve said, and of the things you’ve said.
Did I hurt you? Or it was you who hurt me?
You silenced yourself without a clue,
You walked away with no words on queue.

I stayed and said that I don’t care,
I stayed but didn’t gave a stare.
Did I just lost you?
Or it was you who lost me?

I pretend that everything is alright,
I pretend to smile so bright.
Can we start to pick up our broken pieces?
Or be broken and let our friendship end?

It’s a mess when we act like a stranger,
And a nobody when we see each other.
You said that it would be better to be this way,
And let time heal our wounds of yesterday.

Well then my friend, if this is your stand,
Take care of yourself and be glad.
I know someday you will remember my dear,
That I’m still here, waiting for you to be near.

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