Hey there!

*Ehem* Let me introduce myself first. 🙂

I am Louie Jane Francisco, (ooopps I just said my real name) and I STRONGLY prefer to call me just “LJ“. I am 31 32 years old, a happy and simple being. I want  to try extreme sports and I am a verryyy frustrated writer (so forgive all my errors here), dancer, singer, photographer and video editor.

So why Bring Yourself Up?

All of us need something to motivate us, to inspire us, to strengthen us and to uplift us. As we all go through series of challenges in life, we experience being at our lowest and we need something to bring us up. This blog (my very first!) which was born on June 2013, is not only about my thoughts, my dreams, my fears, my tears, my smiles, my life and everything that I believe in. It has a purpose of sharing positive views on its readers and reminding everyone that we are all have the reason to smile and that God is with us at all times of our lives.

So welcome, thank you very much for giving your time and happy reading! 🙂

Check out my first post here.

May the good vibes be with you 🙂


***Your comments, suggestions, and other violent reactions are also welcome 🙂 ***

Special Thanks!

To Rhiza T. Sanchez-Oyos, my classmate in elementary with an extraordinary talent in writing, thank you soooo much for instantly answering my inquiries and sharing your start-up-blog tips to me. This would not be possible without your help. Thank you 🙂

To a talented human being, my scriptwriter hero, my sister-in-Christ, Shiela Arcenal, thank you! You may not know this but I am your fan! You are an inspiration to me and I admire your talent in writing. Thank you for such a wonderful partnership that we have, and I would continually look forward to more productive moments. I wish I could have a part of your brain cells hehe 🙂


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