First Post: First Love

And so since this is my first blog and my first post, let’s talk about the famous “first”.

First love NEVER dies.

Is it more correct to say that TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES?

Come to think of it. When there is a first, there is a second, a third, a fourth and so on. We may be on our nth love before we finally realize that it is our true love. You’d be lucky enough if your first is your last, your true one. But how many of us would find that?

While we seek for that one true love, we are sometimes unaware that we are already have our first and our one true love ever since that we were born. And that is God. He gave us everything we need, including our breaths, our hearts, our minds, our lives. He, above all of the persons that we met and we may meet, is the one that will love us unconditionally and endlessly.

Didn’t He gave us His only begotten Son to save us from our sins? How many of us would have such great love to give for others?

God is love.

And we should love him back.


Let us love each other, pray for each other, help each other, save each other, inspire each other, forgive each other.

God is love. He is our first love. He is our true love. And He, never dies.


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