All Those Little Things, Just Saying

Crashed Thoughts & Memories of a Samsung Phone

Whew! I’m back! I haven’t updated this blog for months now because of an overused reason — busy. Hehe 🙂

Actually, the primary reason (I don’t know if this is reasonable) is that my five-year-old Samsung Galaxy Y crashed its memory so I lost track of ALL the blog drafts that I typed. My phone is the keeper of my thoughts, my passwords, my contacts, and everything that I need to remember. It is more handy for me than a notebook. But in one unexpected day, all were gone… Kaasar talaga!


I know there is one draft about the song “Hello” by Adele which I wrote during my one-hour commute to office. Its lengthy at andun ang puso ko. Usapang pag-ibig yun eh! Kaya ako naasar kasi even if I recollect it, I will never write it with the same feelings as that day. I am not an expert writer you know, and once I get that “inspiration”, I just get my phone and type what’s on my heart. So sayang.

Another one is my first out-of-country trip to Singapore and Malaysia last year. Fifteen days of possible blog posts were gone! Paano na? Good thing I already copied photos from my cousin. Puede na rin.

I cannot blame my poor phone because of its old age (parang tao lang). It is already outdated, nothing was replaced or repaired but its memory deteriorated. Yun nga, just like us. Even if we would not get sick, we will get to the point that we will age. At dadating din sa pagiging malilimutin. So the best way is to treasure every memorable moments that we have.

For now, I’m adjusting myself to be friends with a notebook. Buying a new phone is not much a priority (probably next year, hehe).



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