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Midnight Thoughts


I’ve been thinking and wondering
Of the things I’ve said, and of the things you’ve said.
Did I hurt you? Or it was you who hurt me?
You silenced yourself without a clue,
You walked away with no words on queue.

I stayed and said that I don’t care,
I stayed but didn’t gave a stare.
Did I just lost you?
Or it was you who lost me?

I pretend that everything is alright,
I pretend to smile so bright.
Can we start to pick up our broken pieces?
Or be broken and let our friendship end?

It’s a mess when we act like a stranger,
And a nobody when we see each other.
You said that it would be better to be this way,
And let time heal our wounds of yesterday.

Well then my friend, if this is your stand,
Take care of yourself and be glad.
I know someday you will remember my dear,
That I’m still here, waiting for you to be near.


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