Memories from Adamson University & The One Who Said I’m Ugly

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After 13 years, I finally got my Transcript of Records at Adamson University. Yep! For 13 years that I’ve been working  and since I left the university, its just now that I requested for a copy of my TOR. It felt like time suddenly ticked back to year 2000-2003 as I flipped its pages. And it made me cry. Not only because of the figures, but because it reminded me of these:
a) the kind of student that I was; b) my failures;
c) the sacrifices of my parents just to send me to college;
d) and dreams that I still have to chase and fullfill.

For the record, my first choice was Business Administration but I ended up with my second choice, Chemical Engineering. It was a last minute decision during enrollment so I can be in the same class with my bestfriend (ganda ng rason, diba?). But she transferred to TIP after a year (ang saklap, Baks!).

As a student, I am that home-school-home-school type. Having a challenging, or I may say difficult course (napagtanto ko lang nung 3rd year na ‘ko), I discovered different forms of cheating just to survive a class. To avoid it, there were  professors who gave exams in two sets (set A and B), sometimes in three, or kapag minamalas hanggang four sets. Biruin mo, looking around with a tarsier eyes and a giraffe neck was elementary. So there were sign languages, eye contacts, cheat notes written in tiny fonts on sleeves, hands, desks or on scientific calculators. But cheating in any form is still cheating, it is not a right thing to do; honesty is the best policy ika nga. Forgive me, I must admit, I am guilty that at one point, I tried the sign language. If I would judge myself based on my scholastic record during that three years of stay in AdU, it was not actually outstanding.Nasa average lang. Medyo nakakaiyak.

My TOR shouted four 5s. Nakakahiya, I failed on some of my major subjects on my third year. I failed not only academically, but also I failed to exert more effort and focus that time. No other words to further explain pero maliwanang na nasayang ang tuition. Matutupad ko sana ang pangarap ng mga magulang ko. Yun ang talagang nakakaiyak.

I believe that every parent dreams of giving their children the best education. My mother who is a dressmaker, and my father who doesn’t have a permanent job, are not an exemption to that. Sending me to college with P24,000 per semestre was expensive for us, and I was fortunate to pursue a degree despite the cost. My mother (the biggest contributor of my college days) earns somewhat like P2000 a week that time and I am aware that she borrows money for my tuition fee. Add to the expenses are my fares, school supplies, uniform, books and allowances. But for three years, she managed to pay all of that. She managed to send me to AdU. Yun ang mas nakakaiyak. Napakalaki ng pagod, hirap at sakripisyo ng magulang ko mapag-aral lang ako. Sobra ang pasasalamat ko. I can never repay them for that.
I wasn’t able to enroll for fourth year because my parents cannot anymore afford the tuition fee. (Two years & a summer na lang sana!) They sacrificed more than enough for me, I had no choice but to find a job, and I never had the chance to continue my studies.

Getting a diploma is still a dream that I need to chase. It is still a goal that I have to plan for it to be real. To give my mother & my siblings a happy and comfortable life is the bigger dream. I pray that God will permit what my heart desires.  Yun na siguro ang pinakanakakaiyak sa lahat. Dahil sa saya. Ang makitang natutupad ang mga pangarap mo.

Mahaba na ang post na ‘to pero…


Adamson University:
dahil binigay mo na ang TOR ko. Thank you for the memories! Para kang boyfriend, gusto kitang balikan kaso mas mahal na ang tution fee. Mamimiss kita. Wish ko sa’yo maging Champion ka naman sa UAAP Mens Basketball, puede ba yun?;

To professors like Engr. Roque, Engr. Duque, Engr. Ong:
Hindi ko po kayo malilimutan dahil mahirap kayo magpaexam hahahaha! Thank you very much po and may you continue to mold more Chemical Engineers. More power and God bless to all of you 🙂

To my classmates:
I am happy for your success! Buti na lang may Facebook!

To that one upper class student na hindi ako tinuruan dahil pangit ako:
Gusto ko lang sabihin na pangit pa rin naman ako ngayon walang bago. haha! Ano na nga name mo? 🙂

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From your fellow Adamsonian,


Crashed Thoughts & Memories of a Samsung Phone

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Whew! I’m back! I haven’t updated this blog for months now because of an overused reason — busy. Hehe 🙂

Actually, the primary reason (I don’t know if this is reasonable) is that my five-year-old Samsung Galaxy Y crashed its memory so I lost track of ALL the blog drafts that I typed. My phone is the keeper of my thoughts, my passwords, my contacts, and everything that I need to remember. It is more handy for me than a notebook. But in one unexpected day, all were gone… Kaasar talaga!


I know there is one draft about the song “Hello” by Adele which I wrote during my one-hour commute to office. Its lengthy at andun ang puso ko. Usapang pag-ibig yun eh! Kaya ako naasar kasi even if I recollect it, I will never write it with the same feelings as that day. I am not an expert writer you know, and once I get that “inspiration”, I just get my phone and type what’s on my heart. So sayang.

Another one is my first out-of-country trip to Singapore and Malaysia last year. Fifteen days of possible blog posts were gone! Paano na? Good thing I already copied photos from my cousin. Puede na rin.

I cannot blame my poor phone because of its old age (parang tao lang). It is already outdated, nothing was replaced or repaired but its memory deteriorated. Yun nga, just like us. Even if we would not get sick, we will get to the point that we will age. At dadating din sa pagiging malilimutin. So the best way is to treasure every memorable moments that we have.

For now, I’m adjusting myself to be friends with a notebook. Buying a new phone is not much a priority (probably next year, hehe).


Journey to Chapter 31: The Gift of “Tamang Panahon”

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After the #30Daysto30Years last year, I think it’s fun to begin another counting to another year – The Journey to Chapter 31. In this series of posts, let me share with you the 31 beautiful gifts that I received, and will receive on my 31st year – life lessons, inspirations, people and everything that came from above. | 20/31


October 24 is a remarkable date for me.

First, let me say that I am an AlDub fan. This day, after three months of the highs and lows of their love story, is tagged as the “Tamang Panahon” for the two spilt-screen lovers–Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards finally had their first dance, first hug and their first closest encounter in front of fifty five thousand people at the Philippine Arena (the largest indoor arena in the world) and in front of those people here and abroad. And indeed, the show Eat Bulaga in their 36 years has given their audience this kind of viewing without commercial break! Add to another historical note as the #ALDubEBTamangPanahon recorded 41+ miliion tweets which made it the number one holder of most tweets in just 24 hours! Imagine that! I got so much kilig! And if you watched it, alam mo na yun hihihi 🙂

Okay. So kilig aside, as I was saying, October 24 is a remarkable date for me because for months that I’ve been praying to God to lead me to a better job, He answered me unexpectedly..and His “YES” came on this day, on a tamang panahon! Woooh!

I wanted a new job badly. I was unlucky to get hired on the jobs that I applied for and this employer called me for an interview. I was bit confused then because I don’t remember applying for any position in their company. But I took the chance and went for the interview the following Monday. My confusion died off that time when I saw my printed resume I posted at Jobstreet. Ahhh. So that’s how they reached me! I was told to wait until Friday if I would get hired.

Friday came and I didn’t received any call from them. So I guessed that I am not the one that they are looking for and I started to think again on my next plan. Saturday came (October 24) while watching Eat Bulaga, I got a phone call saying that I am hired and that I could start reporting to work on Monday. Whew! Perfect timing!

I was so happy to get hired and I realized that God’s plan is much better than our plans. He really give us what we prayed for, on His perfect time, on an unexpected time. This gift might be simple, but for me who is jobless, this is such a great gift. The bottom line is, do not get tired of waiting for His answer.





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