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Journey to Chapter 31: The Gift of Being with Kids

After the #30Daysto30Years last year, I think it’s fun to begin another counting to another year – The Journey to Chapter 31. In this series of posts, let me share with you the 31 beautiful gifts that I received, and will receive on my 31st year – life lessons, inspirations, people and everything that came from above. | 07/31


Oh dear, how should I start? This post is supposedly published yesterday (Sunday) but due to my busy schedule I didn’t had the chance. Seriously, this 31-day blog series is reaaallly challenging. And I’m still up for it, game?

Day 7 fell on a Sunday and this is the best part of the week, my favorite. It’s Lord’s Day! This is also the day that I get to teach kids about His amazing words.

The generation of kids today is super energetic, very smart and very advanced. And teaching them is very challenging and well, fun. Being with kids of about as young as three years old makes me think of different ways how I would deliver and explain to them God’s words in the simplest way that they would understand. But their innocent minds catches easily like a sponge ready to absorb anything.

Though I am the one who is in-charge of teaching them during Sundays, I also learn something from them. I learned to appreciate more even the smallest things that they appreciate. I learned to be more and more patient and be careful of what I do and what I say. Because little kids believe what the adults say.

Being with them and the chance to teach them for 11 years now is a gift that I am very thankful of. And they are very lucky kids because at their young age, their parents guide them to be a good children of God. And I believe that when God’s words are being planted on their young hearts, they will grew up with abundant kindness.


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