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Journey to Chapter 31: The Gift of Parents

After the #30Daysto30Years last year, I think it’s fun to begin another counting to another year – The Journey to Chapter 31. In this series of posts, let me share with you the 31 beautiful gifts that I received, and will receive on my 31st year – life lessons, inspirations, people and everything that came from above. | 01/31


MR. RAFAEL FRANCISCO & MRS. CARMELITA FRANCISCO. These two names who joined by God are my parents. Without them, I will not be here. I am so grateful that though we are not rich as other families, I can say that they did their best to raise me and my siblings. I saw their hard work and sacrifice for us.

My father died five years ago. I don’t know how I surpassed that moment. It was the very first time that I cried in grief, the very first time that I felt the loss of a loved one, my first heartache.
With his loss, I learned that if we truly love someone, we should find ways to express how they are important to us and how much we love them. And life is so short that we should use it in the most valuable way. But his death made our family grew stronger.

As I turn a year older, I cannot thank them enough for their love, for their care, for everything. I pray to God that He will let my mother live a longer and healthier life. I will not let my mother be alone for I will be beside her and I will take care of her.

Ephesians 6:2

“Honour thy father and mother;

(which is the first commandment with promise;)” 


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