Five Days Before Twenty Five

Yep! Everyone is excited for sure for December 25. Despite of all these Christmas rush and the bumper-to-bumper heaviness of traffic, smiles are on everybody’s face.

Well as for me, expect a gift from me on New Year and not on December 25. Don’t expect me feasting on the eve of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe in the spirit of Christmas. Its just that I don’t celebrate it on one day. Because Christmas should be celebrated everyday, even without gifts, food, or new clothes and shoes.

Christ is the center, the core of the celebration because He died us for our sin, to gave us salvation. And we have this wonderful gift from Him that all should be thankful for. In each day, He is always there for us, guiding us, watching us, caring for us. The way He helps us are limitless.  We have Him as a brother, a friend, a companion, and most of all, He is our Savior.

December 25 is as special as December 24, 23, 22 and all the other dates on the calendar. Because HE, is the reason why we have the peace in our hearts. May we all have a merry Christmas everyday 🙂


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