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Confessions of a Star

They called me a star. But I am not.
I have done concerts around the globe, appeared on blockbuster movies & highrated television series, won numerous awards in acting, in singing even in hosting. I did everything on my entire career. I have served my audience – fan or not, with dignity, effort and all my heart. I already showed whatever talent has given me. Now, beside of this stardom, i think its my time to rest in this business. Go to the beach, sip some cucumber lemon juice and just relax.
I have earned more than enough money to travel any place in the world, and i have established businesses that I can do for a living. What more can I ask for? I am satisfied.

Although they said that i am still young and too early to retire, I think i had enough reasons to change my life. Though I love my showbusiness career, I do not want myself to get old in front of blinking lights and cameras. Moreover, I want myself to rest from intrigues that made and broke me.

I want to thank everyone who helped me from the start. The management, the directors, producers, co-actors, staffs whom I worked with, and to my ever-loyal & loving fans. You just dont know how happy I am for your support. I love you all for that.

There are countless stars beneath the sky. Some are waiting for their time to shine, some are currently twinkling. And there are some who are destined to be born to be a star soon. Even if I would no longer be at the same galaxy as they are, I would definitely enjoy the privilege of gazing upon them.

Soon, I will be an ordinary individual walking on a busy street, having fun time with my family or friends. I will be the one of those who falls in line in theaters to watch movie, or the one who will be screaming on a handsome actor.

This is my choice. Others may not understand, others will surely rejoice of my confessions but above all, I do not regret that I became a part of a joyful ride being a star. I would still be, but on my own different way.

To all of old and new breed of talented stars, do everything with love and don’t forget to thank all those you supported you. Good luck to all of us!

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