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Their One Big Day: Baks & Rhen Wedding

After the last post about me being single, and to be fair enough for those who are enjoying their relationship with their other half, I have this post for my best friend who officially waved goodbye to singlehood and changed her last name last November 04.

November 03, The Lasts: Preparations & Briefing

So I was out from work like four hours earlier than the usual and traveled with three other girl friends/sisters: Aimee, Angie and Bhabes to Laguna. And our mission: to accomplish other things the bride-to-be hasn’t done yet. True enough, there was this black guestbook which has to be decorated, and the chocolate gifts that need some wrapping. We headed to the bookstore (accompanied by the bride-to-be and the groom), buy some stuffs we thought we needed and our favorite pizza (to boost our energy haha!). But another job was for me to go and have some briefing with the groom’s father because ehem, I am the host of the wedding party. Can you believe that? 

The briefing with the groom’s father was just checking and final instructions on what I have to do at the reception, program, messages and other things. I think the highlight of that night was when I got the chance to know the groom and his family. I barely knew him but during that one-hour drive, with his short story about himself and his family, I knew that Baks is going to marry a really nice person, a down-to-earth man.

November 04, The Wedding Day

2014-11-04 10.26.12
The Venue: Villa Anthurium
2014-11-04 10.34.26
The Invitation

Hooorayy for the big day! I woke up last hehehe 🙂

Everyone was gearing up. Sis. Aimee doing her job as the hair stylist, Sis. Angeline as the photographer, while me and Bhabes enjoying the extra time before heading to the reception venue.

Their arrival should be at 11AM but certain circumstances delayed them and I was too nervous because the guests at the reception looked hungry and I was going back and forth to them to do some talking and leading them to the photobooth to kill time.

At 12:30PM, the show began.

The Newly-wed: Photo grabbed from Baks FB page
Photo grabbed from Mr. Joseph Choi’s FB page

And there I was, cheering, saying my lines, trying my best to make the whole event alive. 🙂

And of course, my #OOTD:


The BFF Wish: For Mrs. Emelyn Lacanilao-Barrios

We both had an agreement before that I will be your bridesmaid and you broke it and made me a host, hahaha! You pushed me again to do something that you knew I can do and you knew I will do.(as if I have a choice, right?) *clap, clap, clap* Everything I did was just maliit na bagay 🙂

Our friendship has gone too far, tested beyond times and distance. And I thank you for soooo many things that you did for me. If not for you & your family, I would not know myself, I would not be here as your sister-in-Christ. I thank God for that. We saw each other’s weaknesses and strengths, shared laughters and tears — we knew we will be there for each other no matter what.

So for another chapter of your life, I want to tell you that you should do the whole mommy-and-wife thing on your best. I know you can do it. Things would be different now, you’re not single anymore. You have a family of your own. Love them. Put everything in God’s hands. And if there is something I can do, you know how to reach me. What does this another cracked egg do? Support you for the good times & bad times, right? I will never get tired of doing another BFF duties 🙂 Enjoy your married life 🙂

The BFF Wish: For Mr. Renell Barrios

Well, well, well. Welcome to married life young man. Take care of Baks, okay? And your upcoming children 🙂 You will be her additional strength and support, put everything in God’s hands. I know you will be a good husband and father because you’ve been raised in a good family. You too, have my support. Love and trust each other. Cheers! 🙂


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