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I’m Single. So What?

Just this morning, I had a conversation with my Manager whom I heard is searching for his “someone”. Out of nowhere, he asked me if I already have a boyfriend. And I said “No”.

“Why?”, he continued.

“I prefer to be single and I definitely enjoy it.”

“But it is not good I think.”

I somehow got uncomfortable with the way he answered and I replied to end the conversation, “It is good to be single.”


At this advanced age where technology reigns everywhere, being single and having no-someone-since-birth in your 30’s seems unbelievable or obviously shocking for most people. Yes, being 30 is ideally the stage to get married or to have kids but hey, not all are destined to be have a life like that. And I include myself. Let’s all accept that (please). What is wrong with that? 

I am single. No boyfriend. I am 100% happy with my life and I do not complain. What is wrong with that? If this is what the Lord wants me to be, so be it. Who am I to complain? 

I am normal. I had crushes, I also fell in love, and get kilig. There were very,very few who at one point of their lives got “blinded” of my unappealing beauty and confessed that they “like” me. Blame that all to Mr. Cupid for not working too hard as matchmaker haha!

I chose to be single because I have a bigger responsibility now for my family since my father died four years ago. I cannot leave my brother, my sister and my mother because they are who I have now and I want to be with them. Always. I chose to be single because I love my brothers-and-sisters-in-Christ, they are my treasures. And it is my duty to take care of them. For how long I will be like this? Only God knows. Again, I will not complain.

So if you are single now, don’t fret. Remember, everything will be in God’s time. Who knows? You may have your other half soon. Just don’t get tired to wait. For now, enjoy yourself, enjoy life, go on, explore and learn new things. But if you are destined to be born and to die as single, hoorayy! accept it. I repeat, there is nothing wrong with that.

And if you are in a relationship right now, married, with or without kids, you should treasure those people around you and savor every moment with them.

We are all different and God has different plans for all of us. We might not be able to understand the fate of others but what is important is that you accept who you are and you have reasons to paint your life in colors.


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