Here’s the usual conversation about my age:

Q: LJ, How old are you?

Me: You guess.

Q: 25?

Me: Hahaha! No. I’m 30.

…and then they were like, “Really? It doesn’t show.” 🙂

Whether it is sort of a joke or truth when other people reacts of my age, I admit that it is kinda flattering when they say that I look young. And yesterday, I discovered this website (via Yahoo! News), that estimates your age and your expected life span based on the  photo you uploaded on their site. So to test it (and definitely for fun & curiosity), I took a selfie and resulted for this:


Not bad for a 30-year-old me, right? Haha!

That UGLY Duckling Feeling & Overcoming It

When I was growing up, I feel so ugly and I think I really was.  Or even up to this day, I sometimes feel the same way. Remember my story on ugliness during my college days? 

I think it is sort of a girl thing (or human thing) when your start to be conscious about how the way you look and over time, you learn how to love yourself and become confident. I believe that everyone is beautiful, and the way we feel about ourselves makes us beautiful and makes us look young. Aside from beauty tips that you can search on Google, I’ll share some based on my personal experiences and observations:

Stay positive. Always. Of course, you don’t want to show those early signs of aging — wrinkles, right? Just push away those stress and negative vibes, surround yourself with happy people, fill your mind with uplifting thoughts and don’t forget the best medicine, laughter.

Be kind. Because beauty comes from within, so make sure your heart is beautiful at its best. Kind words plus kind acts will surely make you feel beautiful and other people will see it 🙂

Love yourself. Appreciating and loving yourself first will boost your confidence. Tell yourself that you are the best creation of God, and all that He created are beautiful.

Trust everything to God. We are His, and walking according to His will is the best part of staying beautiful.

So everyone, remember this: Beauty fades away but the beauty of the heart will not.