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For Good Times and The Bad Times

My best friend will soon begin a new chapter of her life. She would bid goodbye to single-hood in a few weeks or so. And before she would change her last name, I would like to save this space for her.

My best friend and I started our great relationship when we we’re in high school, back when we I’m 12 years old and she’s 13. We we’re classmates, seatmates, cheatmates (haha!) and treated ourselves as sisters. We took our college entrance exam together, with Chemical Engineering as her first choice and mine was Business Administration. The funny thing was, when its time for our Dean’s interview, I changed my mind and told the Dean that I will enroll in same course as her. Eventually, we still on the same class but after our sophomore year, she transferred into another school and not soon after, she and her family transferred to another house in another place.


Many years now have passed, and yet, we are still for each other. Though we haven’t seen each other very often, our hearts are connected. Thanks at least to many texts, emails, and Facebook updates. We built many good memories — laughter, cheers, nonsense jokes, hugs, wise words. We shared bad times too, in fact, we seen each other cry at the hardest. We were never shy about it.

I am grateful and blessed that I have a kind of friend like her. And one thing for sure, even she would built a family of her own now, I will be there for her just like in the good and the bad times.


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