Frozen Punch

A post from my Facebook page yesterday:

There are times when you want to give someone a straight punch & break their nose. But then you stop yourself realizing that they are not worth your energy. Instead, you turn away, throw that punch either to yourself or to a wall, exhale, and you now feel okay.


That was an honest shout-out from me caused by a stressful conversation the other day. As far as I want to maintain the positive threads on my page, I just felt that I should somehow release the “stress” to the social media air without of course, mentioning the names of the particular persons involved or what provoked that post.

I am human and I sometimes get upset or even angry. But first, I try to understand and be patient. Being angry at all times will only make a situation worse. So here’s a reminder from the Bible:161


Overlooking an offense makes us grow in patience. And in love. It is the best that we can give in return to our offenders, not a punch and the intention of breaking their nose.




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