An Epistle to August

Hello my dear friend,

I was only thinking about you last night knowing that in a few days, we would meet again. I am rushing things now so that when I welcome you, you will be delighted even more. It’s been a year and I am thrilled of the thought of you being with me again.

But now,

I cannot tell you how much I am deeply saddened by your immediate death.I was more than stunned and I felt the weakness of my bones.You left without any premonition, without any word. And all of my plans for you just dwindled away to nothing.

How can it be? Why?

The unexplained answers seemed so void to me, and I have no option but to accept the fact that you are now out of sight. For 12 blessed years that we’ve been together, you have seen me grow in all aspects. I am very vocal that you are one of the many reasons of who I am today. Though time is the only distance between us, and we only see each other once in every year, you never forget to remind me to be thankful for everything that God has given me. You strengthen me and inspired me by your rich, remarkable words.

Do you know that it is always a special day when you’re here? It is always special, because yourself is special. And it is not just a busy week, but a busy month. I am always in-charge of writing a welcome note for you, my brothers and my sisters would happily spend an entire day to dust-off the house so that you and your visitors would feel comfortable. And the choir? Oh, they are always delightful to sing any song for you. There are so many things to do everytime you will be here, but all are worth it. Because nothing could equal the joy that you always bring.

And never in my dreams that the last year would be our final encounter.

Truly that change is the only constant in this world. Nothing is permanent. Even me, even you. My heart is heavy to see you go, and its even heavier that I never had the chance to say my goodbye. I know this year and the next years would never be the same again.  You would no longer hear the songs that I’ve prepared for you, the sound of the piano, the flute and the violins. You would no longer hear my thanks and I would no longer feel your presence.

Farewell now my dear friend, lay now to your rest.

Your history is in heaven, written at its best.

But please let these tears fall down, I could no longer contain it.

As all those yearly invitations that I made for you would fade, but..



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