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Oh, Pare!

Pare: short term for “Kumpare” (Compadre in Spanish), means joint father, godfather, (male) friend.

Though “pare” is being used for males, it it sometimes being tagged to females.  And that is true for me and my female pare, Shiela. 

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We are not of the same age and I’ve known her since 2002. We are both petite, but I have a bigger appetite haha! We we’re not close then but somehow time has made its efforts to get us to what we are now. I consider her as one of my closest friends whom I can share my secrets and other thoughts. She is my “workout buddy” (workout for us means exercising our brain cells, brainstorming) because she helps me a lot during major activities in our church.


What are the things that I like about her?

1. She is an excellent writer. I turn to her when I need a scriptwriter, and she writes really well. I enjoyed reading all of her works.

2. She’s musically talented. She plays flute and piano, which I wish I can play too. Her husky voice makes her an alto, but she can also sing just like a soprano.

3. She’s a self-taught video editor.

4. She can be a movie director.

5. She’s my sister-in-Christ.

6. She’s a mother-figure to her three brothers.

7. And of course, she’s kind. (but can be a monster sometimes!)

..And the negatives?

1. When laziness strikes, it strikes.

2. She is short-tempered sometimes.

3. I think she needs a self-confidence booster. Haha 🙂

There is a lot more to discover for both of us, but I thank God that she is my friend, my kumpare, most importantly, my sister-in-Christ.

So to you pareng Shiela,

You just don’t know how grateful I am to know you. You had helped and inspired me in a lot of ways. I’m praying that we would continue to serve God together. Be positive always. God has given you many gifts. Use it, share it and improve it. 

Be strong, don’t mind the negative thoughts. I am here as your big sister 🙂

God bless you.


I love you, pare!

(Oh, did I mention that we’re both born on April? Maybe that’s another reason why we complement on each other).


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