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I Love Her

I was at the bank yesterday waiting for my number to be called. And there she was, an old woman accompanied by a much younger woman whom I think is her daughter. The old woman was blind and her arms were clinged into her daughter’s arms. I watched them and turned my head as  they walked their way outside the bank.

And that struck my heart and made me teary-eyed.

The old woman made me reminded of my mother who will be in her senior year after two years from now. When the time comes that she cannot walk alone, I want to be like the young lady who will accompany my own mother on her way of her life. I’d like to be the daughter that will be her side to listen when her ears cannot anymore hear. I’d like to be her eyes when her own eyes cannot see. I’d like to be her arms to help her when she’s weak.

Our mother is one of God’s precious gift to us. We sometimes misunderstood the way they mold us, but they do love us unconditionally. Without them, we are not here.

So go on, talk to your mother, give her your warmest hug and say, “I love you”. And that would mean a lot for sure 🙂

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