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‘Til There Was Gilas

It’s been a long time since I cheered up for a basketball team. My father was my number one enemy when there is a basketball game and I wanted to watch another show. I remember that I would switch channels during commercial gaps whenever its possible but most of the time, I ended up sitting beside him until I found myself cheering for his favorite team.

So that’s the history how I became a basketball fan. I watched PBA and NBA, and in college days I cheered for Adamson Falcons in UAAP. And it ended when my father died…

Until there was Gilas Pilipinas.


It was just last Saturday when I watched FIBA and Gilas was playing over Chinese Taipei. After series of shoots, turn-overs, rebounds and countless defenses and offenses, sadly, our Philippine team lost.

I realized that after the game, I shouted and cheered like I’ve been doing many years ago. I must say that I miss that kind of feeling. The feeling of excitement, of being proud, the feeling of being a basketball fan.


It was August 10 when I got another chance to watch FIBA. Korea versus Philippines. And that time, my brother, sister, my dog and my mother were sitting in front of our small television screen. Our noise roared over our house during those baskets earned by Team Gilas. And at the end, the gentlemen turned down the chance of Korea in the finals and our team will face Iran for final face-off.


As for the championship game, Gilas placed second over the taller opponent Iran.

If my father is still alive, I’m sure he will be one of the million Filipinos who will say “Laban Pilipinas! Puso!”

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