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8 Hours in 5 days

Since Monday, I was sent to participate the Water Certification Course for Water Refilling Station and Operators at UP Manila. This is required by the Philippine law for those who want to be in water refilling business which runs for eight hours each day in five days.


As of this writing, I already spent 32 hours sitting, listening, and writing principles and important pointers to improve our existing business while enjoying the unlimited coffee. And tomorrow will be our graduation. Oh yes!

At first, like any other participants, my goal is just to finish the course training and get the P7,500 worth certificate. And my wicked plan on the entire session is to sleep, wait for the break time, have some coffee, sign the attendance and wait for our dismissal.

But it didn’t turned out that way.

On the first day, I was sort of late and the seat available for me was on the left side corner of the room near in front. So I thought my sleeping-while-sitting technique will not eventually work and I crossed-out my plan.

Since Monday until yesterday morning, our lectures focused on terminologies, basics of chemistry, hydrology, parasitology, microbiology, plumbing, and environmental laws. I am lucky enough that I have a background on these topics (except for plumbing) so I find everything informative and interesting. It is sort of a throwback in my student days.

It was just yesterday in the afternoon when our main topic was being tackled. We’ve been taught what to prepare and what to consider when entering in a water refilling business, how to choose equipments, how to manage, operate and maintain it legally and in standard. I was soooo thankful that I kept my eyes and ears open because I realized that there’s a lot to improve on the way we run our business. And I can now somehow evaluate which operating procedure causes the dissatisfaction of consumers and which equipment needs repair or replacement.

As we end our training tomorrow, I am looking forward to more knowledge that I can apply and share to my co-employees. I hope that lessons that I gained during this whole experience can help our business be more productive and efficient.

1. Do not attempt to sleep if you are given the chance to attend a training course or seminar. If you feel sleepy, try ways of awakening your senses like grabbing the advantage of having overflowing coffee. You might miss an important topic if you sleep.
2. Come on time. Again, you might miss an important topic during those minutes of tardiness.
3. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in a proper manner for clarifications of the topic being discussed.
4. Listen and take down notes.
5. Share and apply what you’ve learned.

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