Love Thy Enemies

A post from facebook:
Being nice to someone does’nt mean you are a fake. It’s just you are mature enough to tolerate your dislike towards them.

True, isnt it?
I believe that we cannot please everybody and not everybody can like us.
But our haters or bashers are not just there without a role to play in our lives.
Because of them, we have the chance to reflect on ourselves. And this life would be quite boring without them.
So whatever they say about us, we have to thank them. Let us thank them for giving us inspiration, for giving us the chance to learn from our mistakes, and for giving us the opportunity to grow.

Truly that being nice with them is a gesture that most of us can’t do. But if we do it with a sincere heart,we are not just being nice to them, we are loving them back. And with that, we are following the rule of God that we should love each other, love our enemies.

Remember, no one in this world is perfect. Even us, we have that one person that we dont like.
So let us do what is good, what is right. They might hate us but we love them all.


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