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WordPress on Mobile. Yey!

Whoa! This is so cool! I am actually blogging at this moment from my phone using WordPress app while I’m lying (and feeling lazy) on my bed.

I just want to check my site on my phone’s browser when I saw this:

Now Available! Download WordPress for Android

So I downloaded, installed the app and here I go! Blogging on a smaller screen but I don’t mind anyway.Hehe 🙂

My Samsung Galaxy Y

Yes. It’s the phone model that I am using for two years now. Mine is an outdated version of Android (Gingerbread), but still I find this very useful on the following:
1. Browse, search, watch on YouTube, check emails. I get lazy sometimes on using my laptop (like now) so I’m thankful that mobile phones are now wifi capable.
2. Download anything fast. From documents, music, apps, pictures, movies, etc.
3. Open and edit msoffice files as well as pdf files. Actually, I’m thinking of saving my files here so I can open it anytime, anywhere.
4. Ebooks. Because I love reading even when it sometimes means torturing my eyes. And my most favorite ebook, the Bible.
5. Music tutor. Aside from the song pieces that I saved here to use during choir practices (in case I forgot to bring the hard copy), I also have guitar and piano apps which are really very helpful to me.
6. Photographs & videos. Although this model only have 2MP of camera, I can still use this to capture anything and to copy anything 🙂
7. Stickynotes. Because I sometimes forgot appointments, tasks, and other details I downloaded stickynotes like the ones that we use in office. This serves as a reminder to me.

Oh well, what more a high-end phone will do?

On WordPress App
It is good to find another useful app like this. This means another reason not to use my laptop haha.
You can download WordPress via Google Play.


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